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22801 Ventura Blvd. 91364 Woodland Hills, California
Phone: (800) 562-4161


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Solar Energy

We offer the best quality in Solar Energy in Southern California. Our energy specialists are always working hard to make sure that each homeowner receives the best. Start saving on your bills today!

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roofing Services


Roofing is essential in making sure your home is protected all throughout the year. With all the different changes in weather year after year, we always make sure you are prepared for anything mother nature has in store.

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air-conditioning-repair Services


We have the most premier quality in HVAC services offered at Imperium Energy. Ask one of our specialists how they can give you a quick estimate on how much savings you will acquire from installing with us.

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insulation Services


In need of replacing your insulation? With whatever Southern California weather has to offer, we make sure you are insulated all-year long.

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1024px-Skagerak_Arena_turf Services

Artificial Turf

Go green all year round with artificial turf! We have some of the best in quality artificial turf that we install and guarantee. Take advantage of savings on your water bills.

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windows-stock-photo Services

Windows & Doors

Replacing a window, or installing a new door, we cover it all! Give us a call and see how fast we can operate to have your new window or door installed as soon as possible!

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