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Installation Process

Installation Process

1.) Consultation

Meet with one of our highly trained energy consultants to go over your utility bills and analyze what your savings could be with solar.

2.) Site Inspection

One of our engineers will come to the site to get the exact measurements and layouts of where the panels will be placed and determine the areas with the best sun exposure.

3.) Designs & Layouts

Our team will create the exact plans and designs for the solar project including solar panel count, hardware placement, and panel placement.

4.) Permits

We will get all the necessary permits for the project and be directly in contact with your local county and utility provider throughout the process.

5.) Installation

Our installation process usually only takes a day! Once our crew is on the roof, we make it our number one priority to make sure everything is done by code to pass inspection.

6.) Final Inspection

Once the job is complete, the city will inspect the work and give us the final inspection card to ensure everything was done correctly. 

7.) PTO (Permission To Operate)

This is the final step before you can start saving. The local utility provider will now activate your system and your meter will start to run backwards instead of forward!