Proper Insulation is a major factor in every home to maintain temperature, reduce energy bills, and create a comfortable environment. Homes that are properly insulated not only save home owners money, but also increase value.

Your attic is designed to provide a protective barrier from the heat and the cold throughout each season. When a home is not properly insulated, the air leaks and the attic does not properly do it’s job. About 90% of homes in the U.S. are reportedly under insulated and it plays a huge factor in energy efficiency. 

Not only will insulating your attic result in a much better overall air quality, but it can also reduce your energy bills by about 12%. When a home is properly insulated, the HVAC system will require less cycles and less air will leak from the home, therefore resulting in savings. 

‣ Improves overall air quality

‣ Up to 50% savings on electricity bills

‣ Reduces noise and keeps the home quiet

‣ Prevents long term damage from moisture

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