Why Go Solar?

Why Go Solar?

There are many reasons homeowners choose to go solar but the top two are to save money on electric bills and to help save the environment. The following list will highlight why you should go solar and the benefits that come along with it!

1.) Eliminate your electric bills

For most homeowners, electricity is the biggest portion of their bills. By going solar, you can generate 100% of your electricity and eliminate your electric bills for many years to come!

2.) Increase your home equity

Homes with solar increase in property value by about 4-5% as shown in recent research. As well as adding value to the property, homes with solar sell 20% faster on the market than homes without.

3.) Protection from utility rate increases

Historically, utility rates have increased by about 5-6% every year. Enjoy the benefits of having a fixed electricity rate with predictability and stability for years to come. Solar gives homeowners a chance to control their own energy.

4.) The best return on investment

Solar is considered to be one of the best return on investments compared to other types of home improvements. Instead of it being an expense, solar panels can actually make you money and the average return on investment is usually between 6-7 yeas with a 20% ROI.

5.) Take advantage of incentives

The federal government is providing any homeowner who goes solar, a 30% federal tax credit on your total purchase value. This is the biggest incentive available at the moment and will be reduced to 26% after 2019.

6.) Save the environment

By going solar, you help reduce your carbon footprint on our planet and reduce the amount of fossil fuels used. Switching to solar power has the same emission reduction effect as planting 150 trees every year.