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One of the first things you notice when looking at a house are the windows & doors. They are a huge factor in every home for both appearance and performance. New and efficient windows & doors not only prevent air leakage, but also maximize beauty while making your home feel brand new. Upgrading your windows & doors will also result in a safer home. This added security makes it harder for a potential intruder to get into your home. Old windows & doors are often broken easily and have no real security. According to a source from national association of realtors, window & door replacement projects can return homeowners about 80% of the projects costs throughout the selling process.

Top Benefits Of New Windows & Doors:

1.) Increased Home Value: New windows and doors can return homeowners 71 to 78 percent of the project cost upon resale.

2.) Enhanced Safety & Security: Windows that don’t open easily or are painted shut are more than just an annoyance – they can be a safety hazard, for example when trying to escape during a fire. Also, doors with multipoint locks are harder to break through than those with only one lock.

3.) Improved Energy Efficiency: New windows or doors can reduce wear on your furnace and air conditioner, helping you save money by improving your home’s energy efficiency.

4.) Added Comfort: Energy-efficient, well-sealed windows and doors can help reduce cold drafts and hot spots in your home. Insulating frames and triple-pane glass help reduce the noise from traffic, lawn mowers and barking dogs.

5.) Reduced Allergens & Dust: Blinds and shades tucked between the panes of glass stay protected from dust, helping to reduce allergens in your home.

6.) Enhanced View: New windows or doors can dramatically improve the beauty of your home – inside and out.

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