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There are very few things that can tap your budget like an excessive electricity bill. Add high-consumption periods (like summer) into the mix, and the case for home solar panels becomes increasingly clear. More and more people are opting to leave the constraints of utility companies behind, in favor of the freedom that solar power brings to your life and your wallet. But how do you know what the right home solar panels are for you?

Your best bet is to speak to a solar panel expert at Imperium Energy. We can walk you through the process of determining if home solar panels are right for you, and help you assess your usage history to determine how many panels you need. This will save you money because the installer should be able to recommend an appropriate system without over- or under sizing it. Additionally, we can help offer both free consultations and quotes on installing new equipment that may not have been available at the time your house was built.

At this point, people usually ask about price. How much do home solar panels cost? The answer depends on how much energy your household uses throughout the year, which your installer can determine from an energy audit. Once you have this information, the solar installation company should be able to give you a price for their services.

How much do home solar panels cost?

The answer depends on how much energy your household uses throughout the year, which your installer can determine from an energy audit. Once you have this information, the solar installation company should be able to give you a price for their services.

- How expensive are Solar Panels ? Home Solar Panels in California usually run between $3-$7/watt installed (which is reasonable when compared with other states). In order to calculate an estimate of what it would cost for home solar panels in California, simply multiply the number of kilowatt hours you use per month by the cost of solar panels in your area per watt.

- How much are Solar Panels for homes ? Residential rooftop solar can now be purchased with zero down. If you have good credit, have owned your home long enough to have equity, and meet minimum requirements (income limits apply), you may qualify for a loan to cover most or all of the full installation costs. There are also rebate programs that offset part of the system price; Imperium Energy is currently participating in both federal and local government incentive programs that cover up to 35% off equipment costs.

You’re probably wondering how long it will take for your new home solar panels to pay themselves back (if they ever do). The answer will depend on your energy usage and the size of your solar installation. Imperium Energy guarantees that you’ll see a return within seven years, but expects most users will break even much sooner.

- How long do Solar Panels take to pay for themselves ? The good news is that it can take as little as three years before going solar starts saving you money! To put it in perspective, if you were to invest $10,000 in a savings account at 3% interest, it would take more than 16 years to get close to having enough saved up for home solar panels . That’s why it makes sense from both an environmental and financial standpoint to consider going solar sooner rather than later.

- How quickly do Solar Panels pay for themselves ? Solar Panels can typically become cost effective in 7-10 years, and the return on investment is typically 15-20% per year.

What other factors should you consider when deciding if home solar panels are right for you? Some people like that they’re environmentally friendly while others appreciate the independence from their local energy company. Either way, it’s clear that there has never been a better time to make the switch. Solar

Imperium Energy now offers $0 down, making it affordable for most homeowners to convert their home into a mini power plant. Their experts can point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have about what’s right for your home.

- Why do people choose Solar Panels ? Now is an especially great time to invest in solar panels because they can pay themselves back pretty quickly. If you still aren’t sure if solar power is right for you, consider how much money you could save on your energy bill with Solar Panels  (hint: there are many benefits).

Why should I get my roof solarized?

The obvious reason is that, over the life of your home, it saves money! A more interesting reason is that it may help sell your house. Home buyers are looking for homes in areas with high resale value, and solarizing your roof can significantly add to your property’s resale value when compared with a typical home without Solar Panels .

- Why should I get Solar Panels ? The savings are real! Whether you own or rent, there are significant financial benefits to installing home Solar Panels  on the side of your house. You’ll see immediate savings on your monthly electric bills , while also helping the environment by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions over time.

How much money do I save each year? To determine solar savings for a California household, simply multiply the electricity bill savings (in dollars) by 4. For example, if you would normally spend $50 per month on electricity, installing Solar Panels can save you about $200 per year.

What types of Solar Panels are available?

There is a wide variety of home Solar Panel systems on the market right now (not including commuting options like bikes and cars). A common question is whether it’s better to buy or lease Solar Panels  (hint: owning is usually best). Another option many homeowners ask about is whether Solar Panels  are worth the time and money in their city.

- What are Solar Panels ? Installing home Solar Panels is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on electricity bills at the same time. There have never been more options available to California residents, so if you’re looking for ways to save in a smart way, installing Solar Panels is a no-brainer!

How do I know which size Solar Panel(s) will work best? The best system size depends on how much electric energy you use, where you live, and what incentives are available from local organizations. A good place to start is by getting an estimate of your solar potential . From there, you can work with Imperium Energy to figure out what will work best.

- How much do Solar Panels cost? The good news is that the federal government offers incentives for installing Solar Panels . If your home qualifies, you could save up to 30% of the total solar panel price by taking advantage of tax credits and other benefits designed to encourage green energy use.

How do I get the best Solar Panel installation?

First, check whether Imperium Energy's solar panel installation qualifies for California tax credits or rebates. You might also be eligible for SREC payments if you live in certain areas.

How should I handle my Solar Panel installation? Installing Solar Panels at home is relatively easy, though the location of your house, the size of your roof, and other factors will impact how long it takes to get your system installed correctly.

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